Boyd Bailey, L.Ac.

“Not only is Boyd a highly gifted healer and Acupuncture practitioner, he is helping us at the Wake Forest School of Medicine foster a broader understanding of the healing arts of the Orient. I would recommend Boyd's services to anyone who is seeking a holistic approach to healthcare.” - J. Schmitt,  Associate Director of Research: Wake Forest University Baptist Health Center for Integrative Medicine

“I have worked with Boyd for the past two years professionally through Nursing Research and Nursing Education and our shared affinity for complimentary therapies. Additionally, I see Boyd personally for acupuncture sessions. He is extremely professional, holistic in his approach to care, provides detailed explanations and has excellent results. I would recommend him in terms of either furthering research in acupuncture or for providing acupuncture as a practitioner without reservations.” - D. Krueger, MSN, RN, CNRN, CHTP, Director of Nursing: Wake Forest Baptist Health

"I have been seeing Boyd for almost 2 years for severe chronic migraines.  I have seen great results in the reduction of my headaches since I've started acupuncture with him when no other treatment or medication would work.  Boyd is very knowledgeable about acupuncture and stays up to date with current practices and techniques.  I ask him a lot of questions during our sessions, and he's always able to provide a thorough response that I can easily understand.  He listens thoroughly to issues and problems and works with me to come up with the best treatment at each appointment.  He's a pleasure to talk to during each session and always ensures I am completely at ease during every step.  The only problem I have is that I waited so long to begin acupuncture treatment with him!" - A. Travis, Lead web content editor: Wells Fargo Bank

I have been Boyd's client for over 10 years. He has a winning combination of tremendous expertise and genuine warmth. Together we have achieved--and exceeded--my health goals for remission, two healthy pregnancies, and strategies for continued vitality. I recommend him without reservation to anyone seeking a holistic path to their greatest possible health. - E. Kelly, Physician Assistant

“Boyd Bailey provides professional, personalized service at an excellent value. I was referred to Boyd through my masseuse. He was detailed and very personable upon our first visit. After about 4 sessions he had tailored Acupuncture program specific to my needs, (although even after my first session he provided great relief). I now see him twice a month for my back and joint pain and I am able to function much better on a daily basis. Boyd Bailey has provided much pain relief for myself and I highly recommend him to anyone whose pain wears on their daily life.” - S. Driscoll, Nursing Student: Wake Forest University Health Sciences

"Boyd is a professional across the board.  He creates a comfortable environment and experience.  He will always tell you his plan and what to expect.  He has a reassuring and calm presence.  I have personally experienced fantastic results in the areas of women's health and pain management.  I recommend him 100%"  - N. Tuohy, Director of Admissions, Summit School

"Mr. Bailey is a true professional whose merits extend not only from his immense knowledge of acupuncture, but from his passion and willingness to continue to learn and grow as a practitioner.  Boyd comes highly recommended." - M. Joyce, Licensed Massage Therapist, Taijiquan Instructor

“Before Acupuncture, I could not function in day to day life, I did not know a thing about acupuncture, I remember telling him I was trying it out of desperation. Since February of 2005, I have had 2 amazing little girls, may I add, he helped me during both pregnancies, I was able to have both with out complications and epidurals, I made it through Respiratory school, and look to him to be there with me as I start back to school. Through Mr. Bailey's knowledge of Acupuncture and Chinese herbs, I have been able to enjoy my life and handle the day to day stresses of life experiences.” - M. Strickland, Respiratory Therapist

“I have been a client of Boyd's for more than six years and have seen positive results in the treatment. He is extremely knowledgeable, takes a realistic approach to treatment protocol, and is a gentle and caring practioner. I highly recommend his practice.” - D. Potter, Director of Corporate Marketing: B/E Aerospace

“Boyd has been extremely significant in my healing of low back pain. His knowledge is vast. Thank you, BOYD!” - J.White, Silk Artist

“Boyd's acupuncture services provided major relief from chronic neck and back pain. He is very intuitive and has great listening skills, which are crucial to his profession. He is a consummate professional and I highly recommend him.” - M. Mansori, Language Educator

“Boyd is highly knowledgeable, skilled, and is a compassionate provider. I have referred many challenging cases with positive outcomes. I recommend Boyd without reservation.” - D. Benfield, Medical Nutrition Therapist

“I first went to Boyd over 10 years ago, when he convinced me that acupuncture would help relieve my symptoms from seasonal allergies.  I have been symptom free since that time, and have continued to see Boyd for treatment of a number of different conditions.  Boyd is extremely knowledgeable and professional--always willing to discuss with me any problems I'm having and possible outcomes from acupuncture.  I highly recomment Boyd at Piedmont Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.” - P.Patridge, Licensed Professional Counselor

"Boyd has provided Acupuncture for me many times over the last 8 years. He is knowledgeable in both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. I have referred a number of folks to Boyd over the years and can endorse him without reservation."  - H. Lafferty, Architect

"I began seeing Boyd for treatment of chronic lower back pain.  My results were almost immediate and have been long-lasting.  His work environment is clean, inviting, and calming.  Boyd does everything he can to make his client comfortable during the entire precess.  I have recommended him to many others and will continue to do so."  - C. Holbrook, Hospital Worker: North Carolina Baptist Hospital

"Boyd is a knowledgeable health care provider who is gifted in his field. He works very hard to administer acupuncture as accurately and painlessly as possible."  - K. Wheeler, Social Worker 

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