Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine works by providing the body with nutrients vital to the body’s natural healing processes - nutrients not sufficiently found in many common food sources.  Over the course of several thousand years the Chinese have cultivated and refined the knowledge of which plants, minerals, animals, and insects have specific effects on the many functions of body and mind. The practice of treating illness with medicinal substances and dietary therapy has played a vital role in Chinese culture for many centuries and is an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine as a whole.

Both an art and a science, Chinese herbal medicine dictates that an initial assessment be made to determine the area and nature of functional and energetic imbalance(s) related to the internal organs and/or channels.  Specific herbal combinations are then individually prescribed to correct these imbalance(s).  Chinese herbal therapy is a safe, effective, and cost effective alternative to pharmaceutical and over-the-counter medications.

Chinese herbal formulas have proven especially effective for:
Acne * Allergies * Alzheimer’s *  Arthritis * Asthma *  ADD/ADHD *  Back Pain * Bleeding *  Bronchitis * Burns * Cancer Support*  Cholesterol * Celiac Disease * Colds/Flu * Constipation * Cough * Cysts * Diabetes * Depression * Detox * Diarrhea * Digestion * Eczema * Energy * Epilepsy * Erectile Dysfunction * Eye Problems * Fibromyalgia * Fungus * Gall Stones * Headache * Heart Problems * Herpes Hepatitis * Hemorrhoids * High Blood Pressure * Irritable Bowel Syndrome* Infertility * Insomnia * Kidney Stones * Memory * Menopause * Migraine * Morning Sickness * Muscle Pain *  Nausea * Osteoarthritis * PMS * Peripheral Neuropathy * Prostate * Shingles * Skin Problems* Stress Management* Thyroid Disorders * Weight Management * Yeast Infection... to name but a few.

Generally, disorders of "Yang" and "Qi" respond well to acupuncture alone, as acupuncture's mechanism works directly on "Qi" circulation and movement. Disorders of "Yin" and "Blood", however, typically need Chinese herbal intervention to provide the nutrients crucial to enhance proper organ functioning or enable detoxification and elimination of pathogens. 

Traditionally taken as a "Tang", or soup - raw dried herbals decocted in water - clinicians these days more often prescribe these same ingredients as concentrated granules, capsules, tablets, and tinctures.  These modern delivery systems offer much more convenience with very similar effectiveness and safety to the Old Ways.

At PAOM, we are especially interested in the study and practice of classical Chinese herbal medicine, which has its' roots in the Han dynasty texts by Zhang Zhong Jing:  Shang Han Lun and Jin Gui Yao Lue.  To this end we also study and practice the more recent Japanese herbal medicine lineage, Kampo, which is highly influenced by Zhang's works, and routinely train with several devoted contemporary scholars and practitioners of classical Chinese medicine.

We stock a complete in-house concentrated granular pharmacy with 30+ Formulas and 70+ Singles enabling completely individualized herbal prescriptions.  As well we stock over 150 classical and modern pre-prepared capsule formulas.  We have carefully vetted our distributors and use only the cleanest, safest brands which validate their products using 3rd party laboratory testing: Min Tong®™,  Evergreen®™Golden Flower®™Blue Poppy®™, KPC®™, Honso®™Health Concerns®™Thorne Research®™, & Standard Process®™.

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